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Will Airsoft Battles Rule Defunct Paintballing

Shop now for Undead Apocalypse airsoft gearFor many of year paintball games have been the life of some of the corporate weekend team building sessions until now! Men and Women want a more real experience that only a proper Military simulated skirmish can fulfill.Some of the companies that now offer these skirmish days are owned and operated by Ex American and Ex British Military Personal.These Men and Women have had the full training not just at base but also in the War Zones of the Middle East.You will receive the best of their life experiences,skills and knowledge of a full on fire fight with kit just like what you would expect in a War Zone,in some cases even better gear.Yes you say Paintball has now had its day,dragging those old tanks of air with you.Time to come into the real world of Battle simulations with the weapons that now can be bought to replicate just like what our soldiers are using in reality.

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